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The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization: Why Your Business Needs It

In a business landscape that is changing more rapidly than ever, Sherman Square Marketing helps businesses stay on top of the most cutting-edge practices and strategies to thrive among the competition. In a hyper-competitive market such as Manhattan in New York City, your company needs any edge it can get. With this in mind, search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is one of the most important matters that you can focus on due to its tremendous ability to grow your brand and your web presence as a whole. In 2017, your business must be investing in its digital presence, and search engine optimization is an essential component of your company’s digital strategy. Here are four reasons why.

#1: The web is now the number one game in town

Whether your business is based in small town USA or a large city such as New York, it is essential that you have an active and prominent web presence. The reason for this is that in today’s society, the world congregates online. Right now, there are more than 3 billion people who regularly use the web, and that number is consistently growing, as telecommunication infrastructure improves around the world. Because of this, the web should be your primary marketing focus, regardless of where you do business.

#2: SEO keeps your site alive and useful

It is important that you continuously invest in your website, as opposed to allowing it to remain static. When you optimize your site to be more prominent in Google’s eyes, people will have a much easier time finding you. With prominent search engine placement for relevant search queries, your site will regularly bring in new traffic and potential customers as you sleep.

#3: The return on investment is astronomical

Let’s not lose sight of the main point you need to come away with regarding search engine optimization – it flat-out works. Results from SEO are objective, easy to measure, and have a clear return on investment. The reason for this is that search engine optimization revolves around bridging the gap between the people that want your service and their ability to find your website. Conversely, more traditional forms of marketing, such as print, television, and radio hit a wide net, and consequently market to people who may not want your services. Even in small towns such as Ithaca without a huge number of media options, there is no better form of targeted advertising than search marketing.

#4: SEO can make your business the authority on a subject

The beauty of search engines is that it is the primary way that people find what they want in the world today. If you have a high ranking on a search engine query that pertains to your business, people will automatically associate your business with a position of authority on the subject. A position of trust and authority will give you the opportunity to connect with your potential customers because your business has already established trust through its high search engine placements.

In the business landscape of 2017, a robust online presence is no longer optional. An essential component of that online presence is your placement on Google when a potential customer searches for your product or service. Placing highly on page 1 vs. nowhere can be the difference between tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. If you are interested in learning more about how Sherman Square Marketing can help your business, please fill out our discovery form.

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