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I highly recommend partnering with Jeffrey and Sherman Square Marketing. They know how to get your business to the next level, and work hard to achieve those results. Congrats on finding Jeffrey!
William M. Frazier, Search Marketing Entrepreneur, Merchandy

Did you know there are over 300 million active websites on the Internet? This number is increasing daily, which means the competition is also increasing. Business owners throughout the state of New York realize that their online presence represents their off-line business. However, merely having a website is not enough these days.

There was a time when businesses only needed a website to have a strong online presence. Times have changed—getting “found” is the greatest challenge faced by companies today. Big businesses have commensurately large resources to deploy on advertising to build their brand, and small businesses often cannot match the advertising spend of those companies. Instead, small businesses have to be smart and efficient in how they go about deploying their marketing budgets and obtaining targeted traffic from search engines.

All the Action is on Page 1

Did you know that more than 90% of consumers search online before they decide to buy something?

Google and other trusted search engines only show up to 10 results on the first page of search results, and most users do not go beyond the first page. If your business is not ranking on the first page, it may as well not even be listed.

In simple terms, the customers and dollars are on the first page, and so all businesses should want to be present on the first page. Businesses, then, must take action, and invest in search engine optimization (also known as SEO).

Some of the main benefits of search engine optimization are as follows:

Positive ROI

One of the most common misconceptions about SEO is that businesses view it as a cost—but nothing could be further from the truth. Several research studies have confirmed that investing in SEO offers the best return on investment compared to other digital marketing channels.

An investment in search engine optimization is the same as investing in a physical asset such as a storefront—you invest the money upfront in building the asset (in this case a high ranking), and then you receive a return on the investment in the form of increased traffic and customers. Once the asset (the first-page ranking) has been established, the traffic and potential customers come to your website organically.

This organic traffic squarely contrasts with other digital marketing methods such as social media and paid ads, which require a constant ad spend. If the business stops spending, the traffic disappears.

Consistent Traffic

Perhaps the biggest advantage of investing in search engine optimization is that your business website receives a constant stream of traffic from search engines. Once search engines begin ranking your site for the original search engine optimized keyword(s), they will then start ranking for various other long-tail keywords that had not been previously targeted by the SEO agency. In other words, investment in search engine optimization will deliver free traffic in the long run, if you maintain the SEO process.

Off-Line Sales

Another common misconception regarding SEO is that it does not drive off-line sales. Research studies by independent agencies, as well as by Google, suggest that more than 50% of mobile searches result in a store visit the next day.

Even if you are not selling your product or service directly on the website, a high ranking on Google or other search engines is likely to lead to increased visits to your brick and mortar location — whether that is a big city such as New York City or a smaller one such as Ithaca, NY. This competitive advantage acquired and sustained via investment in search engine optimization is the primary reason businesses need SEO.


Search engine optimization can be completely hands-free for a small business after hiring an SEO agency such as Sherman Square Marketing. We keep up with the latest algorithm changes and remain aware of the impacts of various ranking factors, ensuring we will be proactive in maintaining high rankings for your business website.


Users trust search engines as they have been conditioned to believe that businesses ranking high in the search engine result pages are trustworthy. In other words, high rankings also boost your brand.


Search engine optimization investment not only gives positive returns but also enhances your credibility and trustworthiness. SEO has been proven to provide better results as compared to paid traffic.

Businesses should not look at the cost of SEO in isolation, but rather as a pillar of the entire digital marketing strategy.

Sherman Square Marketing proudly serves the Ithaca SEO and greater Tompkins County SEO market. To find out if we can help your business, fill out our discovery form.

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