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What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Manhattan SEO

The best website in the world cannot sell products or book clients unless enough of the right people know that it exists. That’s why it’s vital to do some search engine optimization, also known as SEO. By tweaking a small business website in a way that attracts search engine crawlers, one’s site can rise in the search engine result pages and be seen right away by anyone looking for what the business offers. This principle especially holds true in a borough like Manhattan, where competition is fierce in every niche. Investing in Manhattan SEO can be the big difference maker that allows you to stand out from your competition. We at Sherman Square Marketing compiled the following tips on how SEO will likely lead to more clients or customers.

Research Keywords

Keywords are the words that people enter into search engines to find what they need. People looking for a particular kind of small business will search for various terms, and if a small business isn’t using the right ones, it’s unlikely that their site will come up in the search engine results and get those eyes onto the website at all.

If keywords are so important, how are they found? Most site owners can think up the most relevant phrases in their industry by talking to clients or customers about what they need and want. For instance, an accountant selling tax preparation services in Manhattan, New York City will probably use keywords like “Manhattan tax preparation” and “best accountant Manhattan.” Of course, some keywords will be more popular (and thus more competitive) than others. It is important to include both standard and more obscure keywords in your SEO campaign, as long as they are relevant to your business.

Examine Competition

It’s important for any business owner to maintain a healthy awareness of what competitors are doing, and it is no different when working on optimizing a business’s digital presence. If your competitors have a more visible digital footprint than you do, then they will be more likely to capture new potential customers.

Don’t Overdo It

Once site owners catch the SEO bug, it’s very easy to want to fill the site with relevant keywords. This tactic can cause your site to come off as artificial and may turn search engines and potential customers off. It is vital that the website seems natural and easy to navigate for people who visit the site, not just the search engine crawlers that are evaluating it. Your website should effectively communicate your brand story while simultaneously being highly visible in search engine rankings.

Building your company’s digital presence can be both exciting and challenging. Here at Sherman Square Marketing, we provide a knowledgeable helping hand to small businesses looking to optimize their sites and overall digital brand. If you are interested in improving the digital presence of your business, we encourage you to fill out our discovery form.

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